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Mazel Tov Cocktail

Spicy Sweet Potato Latkes

Pastrami Bacon

Salted Matzo Crack

Buffalo Tofu Bites

Hidden Fig Honey Cake

Jalapeño-Honey Chicken

Honey Whole Wheat Challah

Pumpkin Challah

Chicken Kreplach, Marilyn Style

Olive Oil Challah

Apple-Honey Challah Rolls


Scrambled Eggs with Caramelized Onions and Salami

Apple-Cabbage Piroshkis

$5 Dessert: Sufganiyot (Jelly Donuts)

Lemon-Ricotta Blintzes

Cheddar-Thyme Potato Knishes

Savory Matzah Brei

Damn, That's Kosher (for Passover): Farfel Kugelah

Passover Lace Cookies

Damn, That's Kosher: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Vegan Chocolate Rice Crispy Squares

Damn, That's Kosher: Chipotle Meatballs

Damn, That's Kosher: Mousse Au Chocolat

Damn, That's Kosher: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Rosemary and White Wine