BrokeAss Gourmet

BrokeAss Gourmet

Stupidly Simple Banana Sorbet

  • Prep Time 2 hours, 10 minutes
  • Estimated Cost $1.50

This brilliantly easy, creamy sorbet is really nothing new. The Kitchn did a post on it a while back, but more importantly, my mom has been making it since the early 80’s. It’s great served right out of the food processor, as a custardy, soft-serve style dessert, but if I have the time, I like to freeze it a bit more, just until it’s firm, so I can serve it in scoops.


  • 6 bananas, peeled and sliced into 1" pieces $1.50 for a bunch

Recipe Serves 4


  1. Arrange sliced bananas on a baking sheet or a few large plates. 
  2. Freeze for at least 2 hours, until hard.
  3. Puree in a food processor or blender. 
  4. This will take several minutes and you will have to scrape down the sides periodically (at first, the frozen bananas will resemble crumbs, but continue blending and they'll quickly turn into creamy sorbet).
  5. Once the bananas have been pureed, either serve immediately as a soft-serve style dessert, or freeze in a freezer-safe container for at least an hour, until firm enough to scoop.

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What They're Saying

Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves, on Jan 4, 09:08 AM, wrote:

you made my day. It’s really easy it’s silly!

Stuart Broz, on Jan 4, 09:13 AM, wrote:

Having just made ice cream with dry ice for the first time, I’m wondering what the texture would be like if I used the same freezing technique here. I’m guessing lighter and smoother.

Jessica, on Jan 4, 09:20 AM, wrote:

Gabby, I most definitely have to try this. I am on a low glycemic diet, no processed foods or sugars, so this will work. It looks delicious. I think I might add some pecans to it. Thanks for sharing!!!

Miranda, on Jan 4, 09:34 AM, wrote:

I am making this next time I get some bananas, thanks for such a simple recipe!

merry jennifer, on Jan 4, 10:55 AM, wrote:

I often cut up bananas and store them in the freezer. Taking out a frozen chunk or two makes for a great snack. I never thought to puree them! Thanks for this. My kids will love me for it. I’ll be sure to give you credit. :)

Angie, on Jan 4, 11:01 AM, wrote:

Hey… you gave me an idea! Do you think this would work for any frozen fruit? I have lots of frozen berries…. And for some reason melon sorbet sounds amazing right now! Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

maggie, on Jan 4, 11:12 AM, wrote:

i (often) eat this for breakfast. with an almond or peanut butter swirl…. :)

Sarah, on Jan 5, 01:14 PM, wrote:

I am a big fan of this stuff. I really like adding a little vanilla, peanut butter, and cocoa powder (along with the bananas) to the food processor.

Becca, on Jan 12, 08:24 AM, wrote:

uhh… just stumbled upon your site…. and its AMAZING.

what a great idea— so simple, yet it looks so delicious!

Francelise, on Jan 17, 03:12 PM, wrote:

I had this this morning – delicious! Thank you for another brilliant way to use up frozen overripe bananas.

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