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BrokeAss Gourmet

Appetites iPad App to Launch Thursday, February 24

So, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, chances are you’ve seen the seemingly constant flow of posts of late all about Appetites, the new recipe app for the iPad, created by Clear Media.

Appetites is, in a word, brilliant. It is, essentially, the cookbook re-imagined on the iPad. Popular food bloggers, including me (yay! I’m popular!), Matt Armendariz (from MattBites), Nick & Blake (from The Paupered Chef), Stephanie Hua (from Lick My Spoon), Adrianna and Caroline (from A Cozy Kitchen), and Gaby Dalkin (from What’s Gaby Cooking?) teach you how to create amazing recipes from start to finish in beautifully-filmed real-time videos. The videos are step-by-step and are shot from your point of view. Additionally, the app features a step-by-step written guide and an ingredients list that can easily be imported to your iPhone. I am beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in the making of this app. I truly believe it will change and improve the way people learn to cook.

Check out my video promo below and be sure to sign up here to be informed the second it goes live!

Appetites: BrokeAss Gourmet from Clear-Media on Vimeo.



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Ruder, on Sep 23, 03:13 AM, wrote:

Yes well i did hear about this launch from review but i wasnt so sure that this line collection would be that great, but anyways i love that its now out there and that people love it and want to buy it too !