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Reuse Roundup: Ian and Tanya Grant

Today's Reuse Roundup post comes from Ian and Tanya Grant of Seattle, WA. Their tip involves their kale, smoothies, a bunny, and a dog.

Hopefully they will inspire you to send me your best kitchen tip(s) for waste minimizing--you could win a Google Nexus 7 tablet and signed copies of both of my cookbooks. But get on it because the competition closes this Friday, March 7th! 

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Ian says: 

Ok, so here's what we do to reduce waste. We make smoothies! If our fruit/kale collection for the week is going to hell, it gets thrown into our Ninja blender and gets annihilated into a giant explosion of vitamin nourishing amazingness.

I hate vegetables, so as long as I'm not tasting it or can look it in the eye, we're good.

My wife Tanya is anti-throwing away, so she'll even take the things that would be gross and feeds them to Bunny (our bunny) and Riley the dog. They'll eat anything.

Here's what Tanya says because she says I'm not being helpful:

"When it comes to produce I hate throwing things away - it feels like such a waste. When bananas get overripe I tend to throw them in smoothies, or peel and freeze them for future smoothies. Any fruits or veggies can be frozen and added to a "green" smoothie in place of ice. When it comes to the parts of fruits and veggies that people don't normally eat, it helps to have some pet garbage disposal on hand. Our rabbit and dog love to eat kale ribs, apple and bell pepper cores, and carrot tops. They're all filled with vitamins, so even the pets get a healthy boost."


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