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Angove Family Winemakers Dinner

I would be friends with Brett even if he didn’t have one of the most amazing kitchens I’ve ever set foot in…but I have to say, it’s a great bonus. Additionally, the fact that he seldom uses it and happily gives me free reign as long as I feed him means that I do a fair amount of entertaining at his place. So, when Angove Family Winemakers asked me to put together a dinner with food that showcases their Nine Vines collection, Brett and I decided to make it a holiday dinner party. I cooked all day and then, around 7, our friends started arriving. Holiday music played in the background, Brett mixed his signature holiday drink, which we coined “White Santas” (White Russians made with egg nog instead of cream. OMG.), and friends piled in. Once everyone was settled and hungry, I began serving the courses.

To start, I brought out salad plates with Lemon-Basil Ricotta Crostini over Mixed Greens with Roasted Red Peppers. Crispy crostini with creamy, refreshing ricotta and sweet roasted red peppers paired perfectly with a chilled 2008 Viognier. A mere $12 per bottle, this very floral wine was light and refreshing, perfectly complementing the brightly-flavored ricotta and sweet balsamic-dressed greens.

Next up was a rich and earthy Winter Lasagna with Fresh Beet Pasta and Sage Bechamel. The creamy bechamel, sweet roasted pumpkin and caramelized onions were layered with bright purple fresh beet pasta, creating an indulgent and beautiful dish. The perfectly-chilled 2008 Grenache Shiraz Rosé, with its cherry and raspberry aromas and crisp, fruity flavor was a lovely accompaniment, nicely showcasing the subtle sweetness of the beet pasta and the caramelized onions. This wine is typically priced at a very reasonable $13.50.

Following the pasta we had Grilled Lamb Chops over Carrot-Gorgonzola Smash. Simply-flavored lamb chops, marinated in olive oil, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper were perfectly grilled and served atop a slightly chunky sweet gorgonzola-enhanced carrot smash. I paired this dish with Angove’s 2007 Shiraz Viognier. Peppery and dry, this delicious wine brought out the smoky char from the grill as well as the succulent juiciness of the lamb. Again, this wine costs a very doable $12.

By the time dessert rolled around, we were all quite full (not to mention pretty tipsy), but we still managed to eat some absolutely amazing Ginger Butterscotch Sauce Over Ice Cream in Won Ton Cups.

I looked around at my friends and the sparse remains of the absolute bounty of delicious food and wonderful wine that we had demolished and felt so very blessed and lucky.

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What They're Saying

Tony Ingle, on Jan 11, 02:42 PM, wrote:

Hi Gabi,
Awesome dishes especially the lamb chops. I have a fantastic outdoor woodfired pizza oven and a whole leg marinated in this way and the cooked in the oven sounds divine. We look forward to cooking these dishes and picking a winner from our Host, Toast and Post competition.

Tony Ingle, Chief Winemaker Angove Family Winemakers

Tony Ingle, on Feb 7, 03:03 PM, wrote:

Hi Gabi,

We fired up the oven over the weekend and cooked a few of the recipes that have been posted including the leg of lamb – absolutely awesome. It was a nice big leg that fed about 8 of the crew. We actually had it with the 08 Nine Vines Shiraz Viognier that has been in bottle for about 4 weeks now – and should be on the way to the USA soon – really awesome food and wine pairing.