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BrokeAss Gourmet

Hoorray: Recipes meet shopping lists

I grocery shop more often than the average American. Firstly, because I am a professional food writer and recipe developer, and therefore require more groceries for the work I do. But also because I like to shop in small increments, buying only what I need for a few days at a time, which means everything (well, almost everything) in my refrigerate is fresh (and nothing gets wasted--I really hate waste).

So, every few days, I create an email to myself or open up the "Notes" app on my iPhone, and start to create a grocery list with ingredients for the meals I plan to cook in the next few days. It's generally a decent system (unless I accidentally delete the email or Note, which, clumsy phone user that I am, has been known to happen), but it's not perfect. 

But recently, I learned about a brand new cooking app called Hoorray! It's billed as a "social network for food enthusiasts," and it is. Users can share recipes, find recipes and save (like Pinterest, you can create collections of things to cook), and interact with their favorite food content creators (like Serious Eats). But as far as i'm concerned, the coolest thing about Hoorray is that it's a completely brilliant grocery list generator. 

This is what it looks like when you open it up. Like Facebook or Twitter, you have a feed based on whom you follow (so to speak).

Click on a recipe, and you're brought to easy-to-follow, scrollable content. See, for example, my recipe for Marinated Goat Cheese

So you scroll through your feed, checking out the recipes you'd like to cook. But rather than having to type out the ingredients your need (or go find a freaking piece of paper and a pen), you simply ask the app to send the ingredients to your grocery list, which gets handily created for you, with easy-to-use checkboxes for your grocery trip.

I'll be uploading recipes to Hoorray regularly in the coming weeks, and would love to see you on there. You can find me here:


To celebrate this exciting launch, the good people at Hoorray are giving me a $50 Williams Sonoma gift card to give out to one lucky BrokeAss Gourmet reader! To be eligible for this awesome giveaway, download Hoorray, create a profile, and comment on this post with your Hoorray handle. The winner will be chosen at random.

Hoorray is available for iOS and Android. Come cook with me!  

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Sheryl, on Oct 18, 08:02 AM, wrote:

The app sounds wonderful—though (and perhaps I shouldn’t admit it) I just generate my grocery lists on a piece of paper. I use a lot of technology, but somehow, paper/pencil works well for me when it comes to grocery lists.

William, on Nov 8, 06:35 PM, wrote:

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Ramon L. Champlin, on Oct 20, 01:35 AM, wrote:

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Werner Hermann, on Mar 20, 04:11 AM, wrote:

My heartfelt gratitude goes to PINNACLE CREDIT SPECIALIST. I went through divorce recently and let my wife and kids stay in our marital home for a year before we sold it. A guy named Hinds spoke well about a good credit expert that helped him remove medical bills and raised his score to 801 in less than 6 days. I emailed him on PINNACLECREDITSPECIALIST@GMAIL.COM and he responded ASAP asking me to text him on his personal number +1 (323) 406 1225 for further discussion. Well I did and eventually got started with the project with him. I was amazed after a few days he pulled through for me and removed all my late payments and derogatory items raising my score to 808. I got the mortgage and all thanks to him and his team for helping me. Contact him with the above emails and phone number for your credit repair.