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Fresh Yogurt Cheese

  • Prep Time 0:05
  • Cook Time refrigerate overnight
  • Estimated Cost $2.00

I don’t know why more people don’t make yogurt cheese. It’s so simple and the result is so tangy and fresh-tasting. Yogurt cheese is a wonderfully versatile food—equally delicious with fresh herbs, spread on crackers and bread or drizzled with honey and fresh strawberries. It’s also a great substitute for cream cheese—whether in a cheesecake or spread on a bagel.


  • 2 cups plain yogurt (whole milk yogurt is best but light or nonfat will work) $2


  1. Place a #4 coffee filter inside a pint glass. Pull the edges up and over the rim of the glass so that the filter is suspended inside the glass. Use a rubber band to secure the edges of the filter on the outside of the glass. Fill the filter with the yogurt and cover the top with plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.
  2. Discard the liquid that will drain into the bottom of the glass. Scoop the resulting yogurt cheese into a bowl and use however desired.
  3. Makes about 1 1/2 cups yogurt cheese.

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What They're Saying

ouis, on Apr 17, 07:10 AM, wrote:

The Nourishing Traditions folks say don’t discard the whey! It has important properties that neutralize phytates in oatmeal (soak the oatmeal overnight in some whey) and other grains—some people make kimchee with the whey as well—Sally Fallon of Nourishing Traditions (and the Weston A. Price foundation—which has a fabulous website) has some interesting ideas about what to do with whey—

Liz Boyarsky, on Apr 17, 09:23 AM, wrote:

Great recipe Gabi thanks! Will this work with Greek yogurt or goat yogurt?

[Hey Liz, it works VERY well with Greek yogurt, which makes for an even creamier, richer cheese. When you use goat yogurt your result is similar to that of fresh chevre--delicious!--G]

Alon, on Apr 22, 07:38 AM, wrote:

Don’t discard the liquid!

Just like the slightly acidic serum left over from making ricotta from whole milk, it’s great to add flavour (and protein) to your all-purpose pizza dought. Just substitute it for the water in the recipe; the difference is immediately noticeable.

SF in Mendo, on Jul 30, 09:26 AM, wrote:

This makes me so happy. I cannot have cow milk but I can have goat milk, which means I can make GOAT yogurt cheese! Oh how I have missed my bagels and cream cheese! Thanks for this site, it’s inspiring!

Laura, on Oct 30, 09:20 AM, wrote:

Mine won’t get thick like chevre. I’ve made goat cheese with goat milk before and it turned out great. This time I ran into some goat yogurt at a bargain and have been draining it in a coffee filter for 24 hours— it’s like Greek yogurt now but nothing like chevre or cream cheese. I saw that the company added tapioca starch and pectin, don’t know if that is holding the whey and keeping it from turning cheesy. I’ll wait… O_O

slot deposit pulsa, on Jul 5, 09:43 PM, wrote:

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