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BrokeAss Gourmet

BrokeAss Gourmet Mixtape #1 (The '70s)

The other night, over a drink, I was envisioning what BrokeAss Gourmet would have looked like if it had come about during the ugly Recession of ’74.

This playlist (done on Rhapsody ) includes a freebie, in typical BrokeAss Gourmet fashion. After you listen to it, you get to listen for another 14 days. I’ve been using the service for about a year, and for the price of about 1 disc a month, I’ve been using it every day.

All of these tracks have one thing in common: they’re all about being out of money, or out of love, and they’re all from about ’72-‘79.

BrokeAss Gourmet Mixtape #1 (The ’70s)

1. Big StarIn The Street – A total power-pop gem from ’72. Also, the theme to “That ’70s Show,” (Cheap Trick cover).

2. The RaspberriesI Wanna Be With You – Another power-pop classic, and not quite a lost classic, either. Makes you want to drive around with the windows down, if you owned a car.

3. Elton JohnFuneral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding) – Captain Fantastic goes prog! It’s like Yes, but with more pianos! Cook something up!

4. BadfingerMoney – Amazing Beatles hard-pop proteges throw in a track from their amazing Straight Up album.

5. Warren ZevonPoor Poor Pitiful Me – BrokeAss and lonely in L.A., 1976. This is as good as misery will ever sound.

6. Fleetwood MacI Don’t Wanna Know – Heartbreak on roller skates, from Rumours. The happy sounds of an L.A. breakup.

7. Joy Of CookingLove Is Just A Four-Letter Word – Not-so-well-known Berkeley folk-pop group from Berkeley is sort of like a Bay Area version of the Fairport Convention. Good kitchen music.

8. Electric Light OrchestraShine A Little Love – A disco/pomp classic from ’79. Shine a little love, but don’t forget to pick up some two-buck-chuck, either.

9. Dwight TwilleyLong, Lonely Nights – We’d never forget to include a little power-pop rarity on the mix. Dwight Twilley is sort of a cross between a power-pop Tom Petty and a young George Harrison. Very cool stuff for walking around town in the evening.

10. Bruce SpringsteenShe’s The One (Live At Hammersmith, ’75) – Sometimes, you gotta improvise, and that’s exactly what the Boss does on what may possibly be one of the best E-Street shows ever. If you thought the Super Bowl show was good, check this one out.

11. Judee SillCrayon Angels – BG winds you down with a mellow track – it’s some mystical folk from Judee Sill. Fleet Foxes fans, take note – they frequently cover this track, live. Joni Mitchell, she ain’t. Sill sadly OD’d in ’79. Her “new” album Dreams Come True (2005) is one of our absolute faves.


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Marla Seidell, on Feb 12, 07:16 AM, wrote:

I love this mix! Thanks for creating this. 1974 is the year I was born, and I’m always interested to know the greatest of that year. Great work, and I love Brokeass Gourmet. You guys rock!

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Jeffrey , on Dec 11, 01:19 PM, wrote:

Mixtapes have always been my thing and in the review process more and more interesting ones have been coming up.