BrokeAss Gourmet

BrokeAss Gourmet

Why We Do What We Do

So, it’s been about 2-and-a-half weeks since our February 5th launch and we’re thrilled to say things are going pretty darn well. We were STOKED this morning to see that the MSN Money blog, Smart Spending had good things to say about us, and have been loving all of your comments and feedback.

Of course we’re hoping that BrokeAss Gourmet will continue to thrive and grow, but we’re on a bigger mission than that.

Over the past year as the economy has headed south, we’ve seen many of our friends lose their jobs, get passed over for raises and bonuses and watch their stocks plummet. As a result, their lifestyles have changed and they find themselves cutting out luxuries like expensive meals and drinks out.

We’ve also noticed that being jobless and/or broke can take a toll on self esteem. Sure, it’s not your fault that the tech start-up you work for folded but that doesn’t mean you feel good about it—and it’s hard to work your mojo when you’re not feeling good. Well, BrokeAss Gourmet aims to offer a solution to both monetary and mojo-related woes:

cooking delicious, innovative meals at home + saving money by learning about inexpensive but quality ingredients + impressing your dining companion with your prowess in the kitchen = MOJO RETURNED

Thanks for reading, guys. We’re hard at work on how to bring the good life to you for little-to-no money, so please check back soon.


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What They're Saying

kateanon, on Feb 23, 02:35 PM, wrote:

I’ve been hooked since the start and look forward to seeing what you come up with!

iwasflatassbrokebefore, on Feb 23, 02:58 PM, wrote:

i think u dont know what flat ass broke means..

NotCheapEnough, on Feb 23, 04:30 PM, wrote:

I agree with iwasflatassborkebefore – these are not “brokeass” meals. I had to feed 7 kids & 2 adults – I know how to cook cheap & this is not it. I will say that the recipes look really good though, but I’m not spending $10 or so to make mac & cheese.

maggie (p&c), on Feb 24, 06:40 AM, wrote:

Congrats on the Smart Spending mention. You’re doing great stuff!

Eriktorgy, on Feb 25, 11:55 AM, wrote:

The website’s name is not it’s a gourmet food site that is mindfull of the costs involved in cooking great meals. They’re trying to meet in the middle between expensive delicious foods and ramen noodle college life. (at least that’s what I’m getting)

Stephanie, on Feb 27, 02:01 PM, wrote:

I love this site. I’m enjoying the whole vibe. Keep up the excellent work Gabi and friends. It’s important to enjoy good friends, good food, and good wine when you can. A little sweet jazz, and I’m all over it.

Stephanie, on Feb 27, 02:04 PM, wrote:

For those out there that really can’t afford what Gabi is talking about, there is a site called Hillbilly Housewife (no I’m not being a joker) that offers some excellent recipes for feeding a family on very, very little money. A lot of the recipes are really tasty too.

slot deposit pulsa, on Jun 29, 01:37 AM, wrote:

I like it, looks so delicious. :)

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