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BrokeAss Beauty: Homemade Shampoo

Have you heard about this no 'poo business? Evidently, it's the latest underground beauty craze. People everywhere have stopped washing their hair and are "claiming it's the best thing ever.

I have to say, I'm inspired. Throngs of former shampoo-slaves are tossing their bottles and reporting shinier, healthier, more manageable locks. I'm seriously considering giving it a try...

...but not just yet. I have some important work things next week, and I need to look presentable (no 'poo-ers say the first few weeks of giving up shampoo leave you looking like a bit of a greaseball as your scalp adjusts its oil production). But I was psyched to discover this post from the hip homesteading blog, Crunchy Betty. It seemed like a good compromise--a homemade shampoo made from simple, inexpensive ingredients--just pure castille soap and coconut milk. Evidently, coconut milk contains very mild natural surfacants, which, in combination with the castille, create a luxurious lather. Oh, and it's 100% biodegradable. Now, sitting here, freshly showered, I can tell you: this stuff works. My hair smells amazing (kind of island-breezy, from the coconut) and feels soft and smooth, but not heavy. Even better, my scalp, which can sometimes get a little tight and dry after I wash my hair, feels great. Next time I make a batch, I might even experiment with adding a few drops of essential oil.

Call me a hippie--I don't care. My hair looks awesome.


  • 6 oz. pure castille soap (buy in the bulk section of a health food store and take only what you need) $3
  • 2 oz. coconut milk (don't use light) $1.50 for a 15-oz. can

Recipe Serves About 20 shampoos


  1. Combine the ingredients in a jar or bottle (make sure the lid/cap fits tightly). Shake gently and use about a tablespoon of the mixture to shampoo (that was enough for my just-past-the-shoulder-length hair.
  2. Store the leftover shampoo in the fridge.
  3. Makes enough for about 20 shampoos.

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Jenn, on Jun 24, 03:53 AM, wrote:

I have been no-poo for about 3 years now. I started in order to avoid SLS and because it’s cheaper. I love it, but I do need to do a heavy homemade conditioner once in a while. This shampoo recipe sounds GREAT!

Georgia, on Jun 24, 02:48 PM, wrote:

I no-pooed for a while (7-10 months or so), and it was kind of rough on my relatively fine/thin hair that’s prone to be greasy anyway. It apparently works best on courser/curlier hair. I went back to a sulfate-free shampoo, but I’d love to try this when I run out!

Laura B., on Jun 25, 05:52 AM, wrote:

I use all-natural icky-stuff-free shampoo that I love, and I have the kind of fine, thin hair that (as Georgia said) isn’t great for no-poo. But now, thanks to you, I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do every time I have leftover coconut milk! :)

Sarah, on Jun 25, 02:43 PM, wrote:

I love that no poo is just now catching on. I’ve been no poo for 20 years!

Sarah, on Jun 25, 02:45 PM, wrote:

Also, I don’t want to be debbie downer, but castile soap is something that should NEVER EVER touch your hair. It is way too harsh and drying. AND, foaming is actually another sign your shampoo is too harsh. You do not need foam to clean your hair. In fact, the opposite is true!

Carrie, on Jun 26, 11:03 AM, wrote:

1. That’s awesome you’re trying beauty alternatives. 2. Crunch Betty is one of the best sites ever.

I actually tried this too before I jumped off the shampoo free cliff (I cannot bring myself to call it no ‘poo), and my hair was kind of gross. Everyone’s hair is different I guess. I did go shampoo free afterwards, and haven’t used it in…hmm, almost a year now (except for a mild organic shampoo for washing out the occasional oil treatment), and it has been great! You’re right about the transition period, that was a little rough (greasy roots, dry ends), but once it evened out my hair looks great and I only have to use BS/ACV every second to third day.

Good luck experimenting!

Carrrla, on Jan 17, 05:21 PM, wrote:

I went no-poo for about five months before I couldn’t take it anymore. I have always had dry hair, and the dandruff just got worse and worse. Switched to Castile and Coconut oil to varying degrees of success….terribly dry scalp combined with dull greasy ends. I finally switched to a natural brand from my area called “Curelle” which I am only one more month away from claiming is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used in my life. I think no-poo is different for everybody, and the truth of it is for some it just. doesn’t. work.
I wish you the best of luck, though! A resource I found great was a blog called “almost exactly”

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