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$5 Dessert: Chardonnay-Poached Pears with Raspberry-Balsamic Reduction

  • Prep Time 0:10
  • Cook Time 1:00
  • Estimated Cost $5.00

When it comes to sexy food, there are established aphrodisiacs and then there are the foods that, for whatever reason, we as individuals are particularly responsive to. For me, this is it. The pears become lusciously spoon-soft after a long bath in chardonnay and honey, and the balsamic wakes up the taste buds as it brings out the tartness of the raspberry preserves. I don’t make this for people I’m not hoping to make out with.


1/2 bottle 2-Buck Chuck Chardonnay $2
2 Bosc pears $1
1 tbsp honey Pantry
2 tbsp sugar Pantry
3 tbsp raspberry preserves (buy a small jar of store brand) $2 
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar Pantry


  1. Peel pears and set aside. In a medium pot, whisk together wine and honey. Add pears and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and allow to cook covered for 45 minutes (this is a good time to eat your dinner).
  2. Once pears are cooked to the point that they could be easily pierced by a fork, remove using a slotted spoon and set aside.
  3. Leave wine mixture in pot, turn up heat, bringing the wine to a boil, and whisk in the sugar, raspberry jam, and balsamic vinegar until dissolved. Stir constantly for several minutes until mixture reduces to a syrupy consistency.
  4. Serve pears in small bowls on top of a little pool of the raspberry-balsamic reduction.

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What They're Saying

Meredith, on Feb 12, 01:36 PM, wrote:

Yum! Sounds like a perfect Valentines evening Dessert to me! Can you say Sexy time…hint, hint!;)

Leah, on Feb 16, 04:29 PM, wrote:

Yummmmmm! I made this, along with the pear/sausage sexiness you posted, for v-day for the boyfriend and I. I made it with champagne instead of white wine, since that’s what we were drinking ($6 Andre) and it was sooooo good! He wondered why I only bought 2 pears to cook!

Thanks for the inspiration ;)

Central PA Chris, on Aug 17, 09:57 AM, wrote:

Hi, just a quick pre-cooking comment. This one needs more tags. Pears, Raspberry, balsamic, sex, dessert. I had read this one some time ago and had to dig hard to re-find it today.

I love this site. I love your recipes. I appreciate the vast effort you put in and the apparent joy you get out of your work. I love that you are an extremely prolific recipier (yep, made that word up). However, the organizational system could use a makeover to make finding/discovering old recipes easier as I am sure some awesome ones are under-discovered by many of your visitors.


Sandy, on Nov 11, 06:07 PM, wrote:

So good! My gourmet girl friends thought I’d spent hours and many ingredients when offering them this classy and delish dessert.

WH, on Nov 16, 04:53 PM, wrote:

Loved this dessert! I can barely toast bread & this was easy enough for me to pull off. Great dessert that’s not too heavy. Will definitely make this again!

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