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BrokeAss Gourmet

The BrokeAss Pumpkin Spice Latte

  • Prep Time 0:10
  • Estimated Cost $1.05 per latte

That's a lot of dough to be plunking down for coffee infused with what is essentially nutmeg-scented, artificially-colored-and-flavored high fructose corn syrup.

Ahh, Fall. Season of color-changing leaves, crisp mornings and the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. It's an oft-yearned-for treat when September finally comes around and local coffee shops finally roll out their strictly seasonal pumpkin-flavored coffee drinks.

But if you're buying them daily or even every other day, at nearly $4 a pop, it can add up to a lot of dough to be plunking down for coffee infused with what is essentially nutmeg-scented, artificially-colored-and-flavored high fructose corn syrup. But don't worry, there is a BrokeAss solution: make them at home with high-quality ingredients, obvs.

This freshly-brewed, wildly cheap version of the pumpkin spice latte can be warming your hands and your spirits any time you please--even after the coffee shops close, and without an espresso machine. The directions below are for one latte, but the ingredients priced out will make about a week's worth of homemade lattes. And best yet, you likely have most (if not all) of the ingredients at home already.

If you like your lattes straight, feel free to omit the spices and/or sweetener.

Note: The ingredients listed are for just 1 latte, but the total cost is enough to make at least 10 of them.


  • 3 tbsp strong ground coffee $6 for 16 oz.
  • 2/3 cup water 
  • 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice $1.50 for 1 oz.
  • 2 tsp honey or agave nectar Pantry
  • 2/3 cup milk (any fat %, or even soy) $3 for a gallon


Recipe Serves 1 (but ingredients will make up to 10)


  1. Brew the coffee with the water in a regular coffee maker, French press or drip cone.


  2. While the coffee brews, stir the pumpkin pie spice into the honey or agave nectar until completely blended. Set aside.
  3. Pour the cold milk into a microwave-safe bowl, the edges of which should come up a bit higher than the milk.
  4. Keep the bowl slightly tilted to the side, so that the milk is gathered more towards one side. Using a wire whisk, quickly and vigorously whisk the milk in the bowl for about 2-2 1/2 minutes. If milk is not frothy after 2 1/2 minutes, continue whisking an additional 30-60 seconds. The milk should be very frothy at this point.
  5. Microwave the milk in the bowl on high for 8-10 seconds. It should puff into a high foam immediately.
  6. To serve the latte, pour the hot coffee into a mug and stir in the honey/agave-spice mixture until completely dissolved. Top with the hot milk, spooning the thick foam on top. A dash of additional pumpkin pie spice or some ground cinnamon on top is a nice touch. Serve immediately.

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Dani, on Sep 12, 12:26 PM, wrote:

Just made it with almond milk. Delicious!

Walter, on Oct 9, 09:53 AM, wrote:

First time visitor. Excellent! Keep up the fine work.

Could I get on your email list for daily updates?


Paul, on Oct 10, 09:28 PM, wrote:

Holy shit that font style that the first few paragraphs are written in is fucking awful. My eyes are bleeding.

Alex, on Oct 11, 03:30 PM, wrote:

I agree, with Paul – the font was so hard to read it almost made me want to leave. But I powered through and the recipe looks fantastic. Definitely going to try.

Vro, on Nov 12, 08:45 AM, wrote:

Thank you so much for this, you saved my life haha!

Nancy, on Sep 4, 10:42 AM, wrote:

This is the best! Much better then a coffee house

Mhey, on Sep 14, 06:50 AM, wrote:

“Love this! Recently tried the fresh pumpkin spice from RawSpiceBar to make a few fall inspired recipes and it was definitely worth trying!”

Maria, on Nov 6, 01:57 PM, wrote:

Great easy recipe! Love it!
I was sitting here wanting a pumpkin spice coffee, but I am on crutches and I cannot drive my car. I was feeling down and out until I came across your website ( the name made me laugh) and lo and behold your recipe had the exact ingredients I had in my kitchen! YES! Now I’m happy that I can enjoy a nice cup of Pumpkin Spice Coffee!
Thank you

Exar, on Jul 28, 05:29 AM, wrote:

Great recipe! Thank you very much!

Click Me, on Sep 4, 03:26 AM, wrote:

Yo, how does this compare to Starbucks pumpkin latte?

Amaya, on Sep 21, 02:19 PM, wrote:

Too bad Paul from Oct. 10 has such a potty mouth/thumb. I would really appreciate seeing constructive comments rather than unnecessary filthy language to express his thoughts. And I had no problem reading the font at all; it’s a common one out there. The recipe, by the way, is excellent!

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Just made it with almond milk.

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Polly, on Nov 12, 12:50 PM, wrote:

I made it. Its very very delicious pumpkin latte!!

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