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Reuse Roundup: Stefani Hutchinson

Our first Reuse Roundup tip comes from Stefani Hutchinson of Conway, South Carolina! Rather than throw out the ends of celery, Stefani has found a way to actually re-grow them. How awesome is that!? Read on for her tip, and be sure to send me your best kitchen tip for waste minimizing--you could win a Google Nexus 7 tablet and signed copies of both of my cookbooks! Email tips to 

Says Stefani:

You can grow your own celery from the ends leftover from the stalks you buy at the store. Cut the bottom off and place the piece in water. Change the water each day to keep it clean and before you know it there will be roots and new stalks. Plant the new celery plant in a nice pot or in your garden and there you are! Fresh, home grown celery from the remains of the one you bought at the store! Here you can see a new baby root just starting at the bottom of the stalk.

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