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Reuse Roundup: Daphne Bilge

Today's Reuse Roundup post comes from Daphne Bilge, of Berkeley, California.

I hope her tip inspires you to send me your best kitchen tip(s) for waste minimizing--you could win a Google Nexus 7 tablet and signed copies of both of my cookbooks. Only 2 days left to enter the contest (it ends March 7th)!!

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Daphne says:

I wanted to share one strategy I have to reduce my kitchen waste. I also find that it saves me money and keeps me eating well. I buy different grains in bulk at Costco, or bulk bin areas like in [Berkeley, California's] Berkeley Bowl. I like this for a number of reasons: it saves energy since I buy in bulk, less packaging and fewer trips to the store, it’s a good value, and I think Costco as well as Berkeley Bowl are respectable companies so I don’t mind handing over some cash to them.

Keeping different grains in bulk is easy since they have a long shelf life –I have never had to throw these out because I didn’t cook it up in time. Depending on what other odds and ends I have around: veggies, leftover meat, nuts, sun dried tomatoes, etc. I can have fun making yummy hot cereals, grain filled salads, stews, and basically anything I feel like. Grains cook fast, so I always know that I can make a healthful meal in 15-20 minutes even when “we don’t have anything in the fridge.”

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