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Chocolate Pudding

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  • Estimated Cost $7.50

My friend Erik has been encouraging me to make pudding for awhile. I didn’t really see the point, as it’s plenty BrokeAss (not to mention way easier) to just pick up a 6-pack of Jello pudding instead. When I finally made it though, I understood what the big deal was: homemade pudding takes minutes but is waaaaay more satisfying than store bought. Even more exciting, I bet you have most (if not all) of the ingredients in your pantry and fridge already.


  • 1/2 cup sugar Pantry
  • 4 tbsp cornstarch Pantry
  • 4 tbsp vanilla $3 for 2 oz.
  • 3 cups milk $1.50
  • 4 tbsp cocoa $3 for 6 oz

Recipe Serves 2


  1. Combine sugar, cornstarch, and cocoa in a small sauce pan on the stove. Whisk in milk and vanilla, and turn heat to medium, stirring constantly. Continue to whisk vigorously until pudding thickens (about 3 minutes). Remove from heat and scrape into a bowl. Chill in the refrigerator until cold--at least one hour. Serve in goblets or dessert bowls.

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maggie (p&c), on Mar 24, 11:57 AM, wrote:

You can also stir in a bit of good quality dark chocolate to up the flavor a little after the pudding has thickened. As long as the pieces are small, it will melt and be delicious.

josh rosenberg, on Aug 6, 07:38 PM, wrote:

Gabi, I freaking love your site. i’m from tawonga – 2006. we cooked dinner once and it was so good. first thing ill make: pizza dough then doughnuts. later. we’re friends on facebook.