BrokeAss Gourmet

BrokeAss Gourmet and a Book Tour...

As promised, here’s the link to pre-order the BrokeAss Gourmet cookbook on! It will be released May 8, 2012.

Also, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m in the process of planning a coinciding book tour all over the United States. Want me to come talk, sign books or do a cooking demo (if you wanted, I could also tap dance, rap, yodel—just about anything, really) in your city? Let me know in an email or in the comments below!

Thanks again for everything, guys.



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Kat, on Oct 12, 10:06 AM, wrote:

I could definitely pull together a spectacular crowd for you in Portland! My suggestions-Powell’s (either the home goods store or the downtown location).

Cupboard Love, on Oct 12, 10:12 AM, wrote:

Come to STL – specifically Left Bank Books!!!

Marisa, on Oct 12, 10:36 AM, wrote:

It’d be neat if you could come to Tacoma, WA (or Seattle if that’s easier!)

Christine, on Oct 12, 11:41 AM, wrote:

Well, now that I’m in SF, I’m hoping that it’ll be easy to get my book signed. But…I do think you should go to Powell’s in Portland, and Kramerbooks in DC (my other two homes!).

Jess, on Oct 12, 11:49 AM, wrote:

I’d so come see you in Atlanta! :) Can’t wait for your new book!

Holly, on Oct 12, 03:38 PM, wrote:

Book People in Austin, TX is the way to go! I’ll meet you there and eat tacos with you :)

Jessica Kirby, on Oct 12, 05:37 PM, wrote:

Malaprops in Asheville, NC! Show the South there is more than just Paula Deen- please!

Amanda, on Oct 14, 03:09 AM, wrote:

I’m very excited for your book and corresponding tour, so I must plug my own city – Minneapolis, MN. If you’re interested, I’d suggest getting in touch with Magers & Quinn; they’re a large independent used book store that has a huge stash of new and used cookbooks.

Jess, on Oct 17, 11:27 AM, wrote:

I just pre-ordered & I cannot wait to get your book! :)

Alice, on Oct 18, 11:36 AM, wrote:

Yes, yes, yes. Elaborating on an earlier email, please do come to Seattle. The perfect venue would be Elliott Bay Book Company, an iconic store for Seattleites and all who visit.

Summer, on Oct 25, 02:28 PM, wrote:

Come to Birmingham, AL! I’d be willing to travel to ATL, but if you’d come straight to Birmingham, it’d make my life that much brighter :)

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