BrokeAss Gourmet

BrokeAss Gourmet

A Thank You, in the Form of $10

A few months ago, I published a little something known as The BrokeAss Gourmet Cookbook, and my life got a little crazy. I threw a big fun book signing, went on a tour, and even did a little TV . Throughout it all, my friends, family and readers (who are, in their own way, a special type of family), have been overwhelmingly supportive. Every day I have to pinch myself, because I can't believe I get to have such a fun job--I am so incredibly lucky.

And so, as a token of my appreciation of your amazing love and support, I have teamed up with an awesome company in San Francisco, GoPago, to hook you (and all your friends) up with $10 to spend at a variety of SF restaurants. 

Here's how it works: just download the app, like the GoPago Facebook pageand enter the promo code "brokeass.” Your account will automatically be credited with $10 to spend in the next 48 hours. Pretty awesome, right? And even better, you can send the code along to any and every person you'd like--it'll work even if you're not a subscriber to my blog.

Once again, dear readers, friends and family, thank you for everything. Please accept this token of my appreciation in the form of delicious SF eats.




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Linda Mays, on Jul 30, 11:43 AM, wrote:

Oh darn! I live far, far away in West Virginia, so I won’t be able to benefit from this, but congrats on the great direction your life is headed in :-)

PS – I really enjoy your Facebook page, Gabi. Please stop by and visit my FB page sometime (I make handmade cold process soap):

Tim Sullivan, on Jul 30, 12:07 PM, wrote:

Thanks Gabbi… I won’t be cashing mine in ( I live in Florida). Just keep up the great FB page/blog. And continued success to you….