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TJs Wine Blitz: 9 Wines For $10 or Less

I don’t blog nearly enough on BG about all of the amazing wines you can grab at TJs for $10 or less, so here’s a quick-and-dirty list of 10 awesome bottles you can grab and stick in your eco-friendly Trader Joe’s wine tote ($1.95). Two of those bad boys make it pretty easy to carry a case of wine up the stairs, for sure.

Also, if there’s no Trader Joe’s in your neck of the woods, a well-stocked Whole Foods will carry about 60-70% of these as well.

The Whites:

1. Honey Moon Viognier ($5): This is possibly my favorite low-priced white these days, and it drinks as well as many $20 Viogniers, at 1/4 the price.

2. 2007 Gaetano d’Aquino Orvieto Classico ($5): A dry Italian white, perfect for a light pasta or fish supper.

3. 2003 Fuerza Malbec ($4): I can’t think of a better white at this price point, in 2009, period.

4. 2004 or 2003 Screw Kappa Napa Chardonnay ($9-10): Although the price of this Sebastiani bad boy has certainly increased a little since its release, this is still a keeper, and in the right price range.

5. Charles Shaw Blush Zin ($2): Possibly the best sangria wine I’ve found in a long time. Aerate a couple of bottles with an immersion blender (or even in your regular blender) and mix. Just get a case, and prepare for summer (slowly).

The Reds:

1. 2006 Bogle Zin (or ’07) $10 or $8: This one tastes way fancier than the price point would lead you to believe. Pair it with turkey meatballs, veggie burritos or any rich entree.

2. Red Truck Merlot ($9-10): This Sonoma all-American is just fine for a weeknight. When I still ate meat, I loved it with burgers or a Brokeass flank steak.

3. Cycles Gladiator 2005 Central Coast Merlot ($8-10): Cycles calls this one “the wine to drink while you wait for your Cabernet to age.” I’ve bided my time with worse, for sure.

4. Charles Shaw Cab ($2): Buy this one by the case, and aerate before using. A rock-solid Monday night wine, but try to avoid drinking the whole bottle yourself, as the tannins bug me after a while.

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Sarah, on Mar 19, 11:15 AM, wrote:

Another great cheap wine is Project Happiness. I’ve had the Syrah and it’s delic! I know Trader Joe’s out here in NYC sells it.

Miss Pink Slip, on Mar 19, 01:31 PM, wrote:

Just posted this and gave you a shout out on my blog Miss Pink Slip.

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Wine blits I like it

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